Statement issued 5pm 21st March 2020

We have made the decision to close the site for an initial period of 30 days.

People are not adhering to the government advice against non essential travel and we do not want to contribute to this.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly as this will obviously have a severe impact on our business but the health and wellbeing of our family, neighbours and customers is of paramount importance to us.

We will be continuing to monitor the situation.

All affected customers will be contacted and given a credit which can be redeemed at any time, indefinitely.

Opening Hours


Friday and Saturday - 8am until 10pm or later

Sunday to Thursday - 9am until 6pm

(these times may vary due to low / peak seasons)

(We are always very busy on reception or we are out on the campsite so unable to answer the phone - most of the answers to your questions will be on this page)



Please aim to arrive before 10pm.

If we see any arrivals after 11pm - We will ask you to leave if caught disturbing other guests or shining headlights on tents.

if you arrive outside reception hours - DO NOT DRIVE ON THE FIELDS please pitch up  QUIETLY and return to reception during opening hours to sign in.

We are very flexible with departure times 

we do not lock any gates or facilities out of hours

Behaviour & Noise Policies

We are a quiet family campsite, rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated at any time.

We will only accommodate groups during select dates. Contact us before booking.

There is a strict no noise or moving vehicles policy between 11pm and 7am. If you don't plan on adhering to this - please do not book.

If asked to keep quiet at any time, we expect that you will respect this, if not - we will ask you to vacate the premises immediately

We do not want any outdoor music played that could be heard beyond your pitch. We do not want other guests disturbed.

If you are asked to turn down your music, we expect that you do so immediately. If not - you will be asked to leave.

We operate a zero drug policy throughout the site. If we suspect or see any such activities you will be reported and told to vacate the campsite immediately.

What do we do when we arrive?

Upon arrival, please park in the car park (signposted) through the main yard and down to the left.

Please do not park on the main yard this is for staff only and is needed for access at all times.

Then report to reception to sign in / pay for your stay before pitching your tent as we may need to tell you which fields are or not in use.

Are you suitable for Camper vans, Caravans and Motorhomes?

We do not have any hardstanding pitches.

We do not have any Electric pitches.

Caravans are not permitted on site.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the site and access limitations we are not suitable for large camper vans and motorhomes.

We can accommodate small (van / VW sized) campervans providing you are not expecting perfectly flat pitches. (we are located in a very mountainous location!)

Due to the lack of hard standing - during wet weather we may require all vehicles to park in one of the carparks to avoid damaging the fields.

Please do not book if you are not happy with any of this.

Car Parking

We have small, gravelled car parks on site for customers only.

You are more than welcome to park next to your tent only if the fields are dry & with permission from reception

During wet spells, we will judge the conditions and tell you on arrival not take your car on the fields. 


If you still take your car on the field after we have asked you not to and  get your car stuck -

Do not attempt to get out yourself, you will only cause damage to the land.  

There will be a charge to tow your vehicle out. 

(we will tow you out at your own risk - we will not be liable for any damage caused)

What we recommend is that you always park with your car facing down hill towards the nearest gate to keep the risk of getting stuck to a minimum!

There are passing places on the road up to the campsite. DO NOT PARK IN PASSING PLACES they are not parking spaces and are there for a reason.

Do we need to book? How do we pay / do you accept cards?

It is advisable to book during the peak season. 

We do not take bookings over the phone or email - online bookings only. 

Your booking will only be confirmed once payment has been made. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email.

When you book you will pay 50% of the total of your booking - the rest is payable upon arrival.

We accept cash and cards / contactless.


all cancellations due to covid-19 will be issued a voucher of the amount paid that has no expiry date

If you leave the site early for any reason Camping in Llanberis will not issue any refund for unused camping nights. 

Bookings made on or after 5th May 2019

If you should cancel within 48 hours of arrival or in the case of a 'no-show'; your 50% deposit will be non refundable.

Cancellations before this will result in a 25% charge. (Meaning you will only receive half of your deposit back.)


Dogs are allowed but must be kept under strict control, on a lead and in your sight at all times. 

People bringing dogs are expected to make sure they are up to date with innoculations and have been wormed. 

There are free range hens, ducks, sheep, lambs, pigs, cattle, calves, and horses roaming on the surrounding farmland and we do not want them to be chased!

Any such incidents will NOT be taken lightly, you will be reported to the police.

It is an offence to allow a dog to worry sheep. Worrying includes attacking or chasing sheep, farmers are legally entitled to shoot dogs if they are endangering their livestock. No one wants this to happen so PLEASE only bring your dog if you can adhere to these simple acts of responsible dog ownership!


If you are repetitively asked to put your dog on a lead and do not adhere to these rules you will be told to leave the campsite immediately with no refunds.

Campfires & BBQs

Campfires and BBQ's are allowed

Firewood can be purchased at reception, we ask that you do not bring your own. Please do not cut down any branches or trees surrounding the campsite. 

Fires must be a sensible distance from your tent, at least 6 metres and must be fully extinguished before you go to sleep.

DO NOT cook in your tent using a gas stove or any other flamed appliance/BBQ's.


We will accommodate some groups at select dates only. Groups will be asked to set up in our lower fields (some way away from the facilities)

If you are found to be in a large group consisting of many individual bookings without letting us know you are a group we will ask you to move your tents to the correct field should you be in any of our quiet fields.

groups will also be asked to pay a bond of £20 per person for the duration of their stay.

So if you are part of a group, please arrive expecting to pay this, refusal to pay will mean that we won't accommodate you. 

The bond will be paid upon arrival and refunded at departure. Groups will be given one warning before the bond is forfeit.

Please understand that this policy has been put in place to ensure that we can continue to take group bookings without disturbing our other guests. A lot of campsites in the area will not accept groups at all!

Everyone who are staying here are wanting a relaxed holiday - we will not tolerate anyone disturbing others.


The bond will NOT be refunded if, (after one warning):

* We receive a complaint about your group's behaviour

* You do not respect the 11pm noise limit

* You disturb any of our neighbours 


We are a family campsite, we do not want any of our guests disturbed or feel under threat. We have zero tolerance for drunken or yobbish behaviour.

IF you haven't been asked to pay this bond and we find that you are making a nuisance of yourselves.

We will give you one verbal warning, another warning will mean you will be kicked off site either on the spot or first thing in the morning. No refunds given.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave at any time during exceptional circumstances.

School groups/ Duke of Edinburgh

Groups of Duke of Edinburgh / Scouts / Schools are allowed but need to call in advance to confirm dates.

Well behaved school groups are allowed, any groups booked in but turn up and start causing trouble will be asked to leave immediately.

Young groups who are not supervised by a responsible adult will be turned away.

This is purely in respect of our other guests who want a quiet escape to the country! This is a family campsite,

noisy behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


Groups/ Stag & Hen do's

We do NOT accept stag & hen do's.

We have a strict noise cut off of 11pm, so this isn't a place to party!

Young groups who are not supervised by a responsible adult will be turned away.

This is purely in respect of our other guests who want a quiet escape to the country! This is a family campsite, so drunken antics will not be tolerated.

If we are on site and someone is being a nuisance - what do we do?

We hope with the measures we put in place that this will not happen but if it does:

(We try our best to monitor behaviour but we cannot be everywhere at once)

Please let us know immediately if any other guests are disturbing you or causing a nuisance in any way.

If you do not want to be seen reporting another individual or group - Feel free to message us via the live chat feature on the website.

What facilities do you have on site?

We have basic toilets and showers on site.

The showers are coin operated - they take the new £1 coin and last for around 8 minutes.

We have two washing up rooms one with a microwave (coin operated), tumble dryer (coin operated) and boot sink.

During some busy periods we will be selling BBQ packs with meat from our own farm - this will be announced on our Facebook page a few days prior.

Do you have electric hook up pitches?

No - we don't have any Electrical Hook Up pitches available on site unfortunately.

If you only want to charge phones or blow up an air bed etc, we have electric sockets in our drying room.

(you can use the sockets in the drying room onsite free of charge)

How close are you to Snowdon?

We are the closest campsite to the Llanberis Path.

The Llanberis path and The Ranger path can be accessed direct from camp.

Ask us for directions when you check in!

Fireworks, lanterns, drones etc.

Strictly NO fireworks or chinese lanterns...they can be extremely dangerous around tents, and fallen debris causes hazard to the animals, and they could cause serious damage to the surrounding countryside.

Anyone caught using either will be asked to leave immediately.

Please ask for permission before flying kites on site as some of our animals could be spooked and cause injury to themselves.

NO DRONES, at all, at any time - You will be asked to stop flying the drone and delete any footage/photos immediately in front of the land owner or campsite manager.

Personal Property and Injury

We accept no liability for anyone getting hurt or injured on the property. We accept no liability/responsibility for loss of personal property, damage to vehicles, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Being a farm environment there is always the risk of animals wandering into fields through gates which have been left open by the public,

we do not accept any responsibility for damage to vehicles or tents, accident or illness to customers in respect of these events.

Being on open land there is always a risk of rabbits/foxes and badgers carrying diseases onto grassland.

Make sure you never put food or utensils onto the grass. Never leave food around outside your tent and if possible keep all your food  secure or in the fridges provided to discourage farm and ferral animals from stealing.

Can we bring a gazebo or wind break?

Small wind breaks are allowed.

We do not allow gazebo's on site during busy periods.

Is there Wi-Fi on site, mobile phone reception?

No, we do not have public wi-fi at the campsite.

Mobile phone signal is good - Confirmed 3G/4G with 3 and EE (so most probably available on other networks!)

We have friends coming too - can we pitch next to each other?

We are a very laid back campsite - when you arrive you can find your own pitch.

 We do not have allocated pitches.

If you are part of a group - let us know upon arrival.

Is there a clubhouse on site - or local pubs?

There is no clubhouse on site.

There are plenty of pubs in Llanberis village - only a short walk, (half a mile) away.

Are there any Restaurants or take aways nearby?

Yes, there are plenty of choices for food in Llanberis village.

Events and Charity Functions

We host large functions, weddings and events in one of our lower fields. 

The field can accommodate a very large marquee and amenities / toilet trailers with camping pitches if needs be.

Please get in touch by email if you would like to arrange your own event here.


We do our best to maintain a safe site, there are CCTV cameras around the premises.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damages or the security of your vehicles or belongings, so please be sensible and ensure all belongings are locked up safely.


NO generators are allowed.

Photography and Video Policy

Please respect the privacy of other guests, especially children, and ensure that you do nothing to cause offence.

The campsite and surrounding farmland are private property and images taken of it may not be published in any medium (including the internet) or used for commercial purposes of any sort without the permission of the land owners.


We do not want to see children (or anybody) throwing stones at the livestock or any of the buildings. 

Stone walls cost a lot to repair, and can be very dangerous when damaged, so please don't take any stones off the walls.

Children climbing on stone walls and farm machinery etc. will not be tolerated. We will not accept any liability for any accidents or injuries caused by this. 

If you are caught damaging any walls or buildings you will be liable for any costs to repair immediately.

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