Reception is at the cottage, please call here first to sign in.

Drinking water tap is on the toilet block, it's from a borehole and is fantastic quality, uv treated and as good as any bottled water you'll buy!


Toilets and showers

Located at main reception - we aim to keep our facilities as clean as possible if there is a problem with anything please let us know immediately. 

We have two toilet/shower blocks with disabled toilet and shower, all showers take £1 coin (not the new style for the time being!)


Drying room

Located at main reception, equipped with tumble dryer, this room is heated and has clothes airers and hooks for drying wet over clothes. Small kitchen type area with microwave, fridge and freezer, and electric point for charging phones, blowing up air beds, hairdryer etc. 

Kitchen sink for washing dishes, pots and pans.

Large sink for washing boots or over clothes.

Information on walks in the area and other tourist attractions.


Available to buy on site

Firewood and kindling.

Fresh free range eggs from the farm.

The village is only half a mile away, and has all the groceries/supplies you will need during your stay, we encourage you to support the local community.



Please keep our campsite tidy! We expect you to respect the countryside so collect all of your rubbish and deposit it in the bins provided near reception


Farm activities 

Are seasonal, and some weather dependant, you are welcome to email for more info if interested in coming to stay when we are shearing or lambing etc.

This is  a working farm campsite, we do not provide any type of entertainment or childrens play facilities.

Lambing is during March and april, shearing will be sometime during July.


Mobile phone reception

There is a good mobile phone reception on most networks at our campsite.

We will charge phones for you in the house, and in return, expect you to drop a donation into the air ambulance box.


Campfires and BBQ'S 

Are allowed, we ask for you to be cautious and sensible when making fires, and to respect the area and other campers by not building fires all over the field, but PLEASE  use the designated areas. Fires must be 6 metres away from your and other campers tents. During windy weather we may not allow campfires due to safety issues.

No charge for a campfire, but please do not bring your own wood or cut any tree's, we sell firewood for a very reasonable price at reception.

All fires and BBQ's should be allowed to die down before 11pm and be fully extinguished by the time you go to bed.

Do not put hot BBQ's in or near the bin.


Rules for campfires are displayed in the toilets and laundry room, please read them.





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