FAQs & Rules

On arrival you will need to sign in at the reception - You will be asked to provide your full name, car reg and contact details.

Please display your coloured tag on your tent at all times.




There is a no noise policy after 11pm. We don't mind quiet chit chat in the tents or round the campfire, but we do not want other campers disturbed at all. If asked to keep quiet, we expect that you will respect this, if not - we will ask you to vacate the premises.


Behaviour Bond

Groups will be asked to pay a bond of £20 per person for the duration of their stay. So if you are part of a group, please arrive expecting to pay this, refusal to pay will mean that we won't be able to accommodate you. 

The bond will be paid upon arrival and refunded at departure. Groups will be given one warning before the bond is forfeit.

Please understand that this policy has been put in place to ensure that we can continue to take group bookings without disturbing our other guests. A lot of campsites in the area will not accept groups at all!


The bond will NOT be refunded if, (after one warning):

We receive a complaint about your group's behaviour

You do not respect the 11pm noise limit

You disturb any of our neighbours 


We are a family campsite, we do not want any of our guests disrupted or feel under threat. 



Groups of 20 or more Duke of Edinburgh / Scouts / Schools are allowed but need to book in advance.

We will NOT accept large groups of rowdy stag/hen do's or young groups who are not supervised by a responsible adult. This is purely in respect of our other guests who want a quiet escape to the country! This is a family campsite, so drunken antics will not be tolerated.

Large groups are allowed if each person is willing to pay a noise bond, see above.



Dogs are allowed but must be kept under strict control, on a lead and in your sight at all times. 

People bringing dogs are expected to make sure they are up to date with innoculations and have been wormed. 

There are free range hens, ducks, sheep, lambs, pigs, cattle, calves, and horses roaming on the surrounding farmland and we do not want them to be chased! Any such incidents will NOT be taken lightly. It is an offence to allow a dog to worry sheep. Worrying includes attacking or chasing sheep, farmers are legally entitled to shoot dogs if they are endangering their sheep. No one wants this to happen so PLEASE only bring your dog if you can adhere to these simple acts of responsible dog ownership!


Car Parking

We have three small, gravelled car parks on site.

During wet spells, we ask that you do not take your car on the fields, please use the car parks. 

If you get your car stuck on the fields, please do not attempt to get yourself out and damage the fields.

There will be a small charge of £10 to tow your vehicle off the field.



We do our best to maintain a safe site, there are CCTV cameras around the premises.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damages or the security of your vehicles or belongings, so please be sensible and ensure all belongings are locked up safely. We can store a limited ammount of bikes etc - please ask at receptionfor more info!



No generators are allowed.


Photography and Video Policy

Please respect the privacy of other guests, especially children, and ensure that you do nothing to cause offence.

The campsite and surrounding farmland are private property and images taken of it may not be published in any medium (including the internet) or used for commercial purposes of any sort without the permission of the land owners.


Fireworks etc.

Strictly NO fireworks or chinese lanterns...they can be extremely dangerous around tents, and fallen debris causes hazard to the animals, and they could cause serious damage to the surrounding countryside.


Campfires & BBQs

Firewood can be purchased at reception, we ask that you do not bring your own. Please do not cut down any branches or trees surrounding the campsite. 

Fires must be a sensible distance from your tent, at least 6 metres and must be fully extinguished before you go to sleep.

DO NOT cook in your tent using a gas stove or any other flamed appliance/BBQ's.



We do not want to see children (or anybody) throwing stones at the livestock or any of the buildings. 

Stone walls cost a lot to repair, and can be very dangerous when damaged, so please don't take any stones off the walls.

Children climbing on stone walls and farm machinery etc. will not be tolerated. We will not accept any liability for any accidents or injuries caused by this.




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